Springville — 2016


Here is the Varsity Game line up. All the Games start at 7PM!!


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There is a media option and that will link you my opinion on the game, so click the JMTRJ’s view and it will take you to that breakdown of the game.

2016-08-20 DixieDixie37-21 (1-0)
2016-08-27 LehiSpringville High School40-34 (2OT) (2-0)
2016-09-03 SkyridgeSkyridge28-21 (3-0)
2016-09-10 Maple MountainMaple Mountain High School19-8 (4-0)
2016-09-17 Spanish ForkSpringville High School33-27 (1OT) (5-0)
2016-09-24 UintahUintah54-10 (6-0)
2016-10-01 WasatchSpringville High School48-7 (7-0)
2016-10-08 Payson High SchoolSpringville High School49-6 (8-0)
2016-10-14 Salem HillsSalem Hills High School49-13 (9-0) Region Champs
2016-10-29 Orem High SchoolSpringville High School42-17 W (10-0)
2016-11-04 Woods CrossSpringville High School43-7 (11-0) On to the U of U2nd Round of Playoffs
2016-11-11 Alta High SchoolRice Eccles Stadium42-14 (12-0)On to State Championship
2016-11-15 East High SchoolRice Eccles Stadium20-48 L (12-1)State Championship Game