First round of playoffs

On Friday, October 27, 2017, the Utah State Playoff for 5A got underway. The breakdown of the games according to the Deseret News Rewind, you can find the video here

This is my opinion about the playoff games:

Wasatch (24) vs Highland (61)

Well, Highland came out on top of this one, which I sorted of guessed. Don’t get me wrong Wasatch is a good team. But, this year just wasn’t their year. Highland will have a challenge this week.

Bountiful (21) vs Corner Canyon (24)

Corner Canyon jumped out on top fairly early in the game and thought this one was going to all said and done. Then the second half came up. Bountiful held Corner Canyon to only 3 points, but those three points are all they needed. This game surprised me.

Jordan (28) vs Viewmont (20)

With Jordan losing the last three of the games of the season, thought that this would be a different game considering Viewmont was number 1 in region 5. It was a good game but Jordan came up the winner.

Skyline (0) vs Skyridge (55)

Well with the dynasty of Skyline in high school football and Skyridge being the newest school and this was their first playoff game and it was at home. They came out strong and well Skyline didn’t show up and Skyridge took full advantage of this.

Alta (52) vs Roy (6)

Thought that Roy would put a better fight but the Alta Hawks are the powerhouse of scoring. They ran away with this one.

Olympus (14) vs Springville (28)

Well, the last time these two met in a first-round playoff game and the Titans won that one with the double hook and ladder play. By the way , s still talked about. However, Springville’s defense was just too much for them. The Offensive line for Springville is good this year as they open holes up for the awesome running backs Springville has.

Provo (16) vs Lehi (42)

Thought this would be a tighter game. Provo was leading then Lehi game alive and they took control of the game.

Woodcross (28) vs Timpview (24)

Well, to be fair Timpview is considered to be the elite of Utah County, and since East left for 6A thought this was going to be different. Timpview came out and of course showed us who they are. However, Woodcross didn’t get that memo and they came out and shocked Timpview and the 5A playoff bracket. Woodcross beats them by 4 points.


These games this week was a great look at the weeks to come.






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