5A Quarter Finals

The 5A quarterfinals didn’t disappoint on Friday, Nov 3, 2018. Let’s start with

Highland vs Corner Canyon

With an undefeated season the Corner Canyon on the line, they didn’t disappoint. The Highland Rams offense wasn’t working. Corner Canyon defense held them scoreless.  This week on Thursday at 11AM will they be able to shut down Skyridge’s explosive offensive?

Skyridge vs Jordan

This was a going to be a good game. Didn’t know how good of a game it was going to be. 980 offensive yards between the teams. Jordan jumped out to a 10 -0 lead, but that wouldn’t last. Jordan scored 13 points in the last 3 min of the game. Jordan scored to bring it a 2 point game. 43-45, Jordan needed a 2 point conversion to send the game into overtime. However, it failed and Skyridge came out the winner. Now they move on to take on Corner Canyon at 11 AM on Thursday.

Woodcross vs Lehi


Coming off a great win last week against the T-Birds, would the desire move over to Lehi? It didn’t and Lehi prove to be too much for them. Lehi went ahead and beat Woodcross 35 to 7. They play Springville at 2:30 PM on Thursday.


Alta vs Springville

This game proved to be a great game between two good teams. The teams played pretty even. It was tied at halftime 10-10.  They traded a touchdown as was tied in the 4th quarter at 17.  Springville missed a FG to go ahead. But the Springville defense proved to be good. They got the ball back and went down and kicked an FG to go ahead 20-17 with 46 Seconds to go. The Springville defense stopped the Alta offensive as time expired. The game could have been a lot different Springville was down on the 5 when they got a plenty and couldn’t punch it thru and settled for a FG.  Springville had an interception returned to for a touchdown, but it was called back for a plenty. It was a good game and Springville takes on Lehi in a rematch at 2:30 PM on Thursday.




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